Giant Steps operates a school and Adult Autism Services program for children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. It is currently the only independent special education centre in Victoria offering individualised programs to this cohort of students who have high support needs around communication as well as social challenges.

Giant Steps was established in Sydney in 1995 to bring world’s best practice in the treatment and education of children on the Autism Spectrum to Australia. Due to overwhelming demand for a specialist school for autistic children (ASD) in Victoria, Giant Steps Melbourne opened in Kew in January 2016.

Giant Steps is a registered charity and does not charge school fees. It was established to support families and children already facing challenges (not add burden).

The average cost per student per year is $126,000. Giant Steps receives some government funding and families make a contribution depending on their individual financial situation. The balance is left to fundraise.

As a community group, we need to raise over $1.9M in 2024.

Teachers, therapists and educators work with students and participants aged 5-25 years on curriculum outcomes, within a caring and supportive environment. There is currently an overwhelming waitlist of students and families wishing to attend Giant Steps.

In 2021 an Adult Autism Services College started in Melbourne to transition the first graduating group out of school into life skills and vocational training. This is currently being run off site, but thanks to a 2019 Government grant will be joining the Kew location in 2025.

Giant Steps has been recognised as a best practice education organisation and was awarded the Australian Education Awards, Special Education School of the year in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, Kerrie Nelson, won the School Principal of the Year (non-Government) award.

For more information about Giant Steps visit www.giantsteps.net.au


Giant Steps has operated successfully as a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Sydney for the last 25 years. Due to the overwhelming demand for a specialist school in Melbourne, Giant Steps Melbourne opened in Kew in January 2016 to a cohort of 11 children.

Giant Steps provides an innovative and individualized education and therapy program for each student.  The Giant Steps Melbourne programs are created with full involvement of the parents and the expertise of the occupational, speech and music therapists and teachers who are all on staff.

The Giant Steps community believe that children from all walks of life should have the chance to attend the school; hence no fees are charged and more places will soon be created.  The Giant Steps families endlessly fund raise to bridge the $45,000 per year per child gap between government funding and the program cost. This is a monumental task for people who already face huge challenges.

In 2020 the fundraising target is $1.8M to cover the program for the 24 students currently enrolled.

Over 100 families have registered their interest in a place for their child at Giant Steps Melbourne. The success of fundraising efforts will make this possible.

For more information about Giant Steps visit www.giantsteps.net.au

If you’re unable to join us on the evening, please consider supporting us through a donation.

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